Wovin Wall System


We really like the looks, versatility and sustainability of the Wovin wall tiles. Consisting of a lightweight mounting grid which can be fixed to any wall or ceiling surface, the Wovin tiles, made from bamboo, are clipped into the grid in alternating directions to create the distinctive woven pattern. There are two tile shapes (oval -- pictured -- and standard), and the tiles are designed for walls, ceilings and lightboxes. They can be finished to create a wide variety of effects, from timber to metal to graphic images, and because of their versatility, installations can be extended, rearranged or otherwise altered at any time. When used in ceiling areas which contain existing lighting, translucent tiles can be used to allow the light to pass through to create a particularly stunning effect. Based in Australia, the Wovin system is also availabe in New Zealand, the US, Denmark and Hong Kong. ::WovinWall via ::Apartment Therapy