Woven Hide — Jon Male's animal friendly rug.

Have you always secretly rather liked the decadent, but cosy look of the bear skin rug in front of the roaring fire, but never felt quite like grabbing your shotgun and going out to bag a rawhide for yourself? Well you all being good TreeHuggers and such I doubt very much than any of you would admit to having a taste for this particular style statement! However it can’t be denied that the animal skin rug is an iconic object of old school interior design, although one that now comes with a few too many politically incorrect connotations to relax comfortably on. So we were intrigued to find Jon Male’s reinterpretation of the theme. He has created the shape of a hide from a traditional Persian carpet thus mixing two strong aesthetics together and coming up with something completely original and absolutely beautiful. He first had the idea when he found an old Persian rug in his parents attic and wanted to give it a new lease of life. He has injected humour into his new creation by using the interior design cliché that is the animal skin rug and as he says so succinctly. ‘Every designer flat has one of those cowhide rugs now. And the animal thing's a bit wrong.'The ‘English Hide’ has been met with such success that he has now teamed up with Rimo Designs in Manchester,UK, to manufacture them. We are happy to say that Rimo Designs, who specialise in bespoke traditional hand woven carpets, have good social and environmental policies. They forbid child labour in the places where their carpets are made in Nepal and they have also set up a social project in the hillside region of Kathmandu to assist with building schools in local villages.
So you can now relax by the fire on your ‘English Hide’ as we can safely say that no animals, men, women or children were harmed during the making of this product and hopefully many of them will in fact benefit from it. ::Jon Male ::Rimo Designs
[Leonora & Petz]