World's Largest (Solar Powered) Tensegrity Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Opens

kurilpa cycle bridge underview photo

This week the world's largest tensegrity pedestrian and cycle bridge was officially opened in Brisbane, Queensland. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it is "also the largest Tensegrity structure in existance." Tensegrity, meaning the tensional integrity based on a synergy between balanced tension and compression components. That might sound like engineering mumbo jumbo, but now that the bridge is open an estimated 36,500 monthly passage of pedestrians and cyclists can go test the theory for themselves, as they cross the 470 metre long span as, the Kurilpa Bridge arcs over the city's river.

kurilpa cycle bridge overview photo

What's equally impressive, is that 84 solar panels will provide (depending on time of day) between 75% and 100% of power the bridge's LED (light emiiting diode) lighting. Energy Matters report that the Queensland Public Works Minister, Robert Schwarten, figures the bridge's grid connect solar power system will see savings of around 37.8 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. It has an average yearly output of 38MWh.

Great to see pedestrians and cyclists finally getting some dedicated infrastructure, particularly as it joins two halves of the city's central business district with cutting edge technology in lighting and engineering, albeit with a price tag of $63.3 million AUD. 'Kurilpa' is said to be an indigenous word for "West End,"

More details and images available from the Queensland Department of Public Works.
Photos: Queensland Department of Public Works.
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