Work Anywhere With Kruikantoor, a Combination of Wheelbarrow And Office

Kruikantoor mobile office photo rolling

TreeHugger loves mobile designs that allow multiple uses of space or that fold up and go away when not needed. Mocoloco shows us Dutch designer Tim Vinke's Kruikantoor.

Kruikantoor mobile office assembly photo

The designer describes it as "a Styrofoam mobile office with desk and chairs that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. "Het Kruikantoor is a combination of the words wheelbarrow and office. All interior elements can be combined, to which the object can be moved easily."

Kruikantoor mobile office photo sitting

It is made from expanded polystyrene foam and polyurethane, so one shouldn't lean too hard on that desk. Nor are the materials particularly environmentally friendly, but it is clever. More at Tim Vinke

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