Wooden Crib Transforms into a Bed to Grow with Your Child

One of the best ways to reduce consumerism is to encourage products that serve multiple functions. Transforming furniture does that, and more, it also makes life in small spaces more viable. This wooden crib from German furniture maker HOKIMÖ Massivholz Kindermöbel is a great example- it can be turned into a bed as kids grow and furniture needs change.

To go from crib to bed, the wooden sides can be removed and the mattress lowered. The piece is made from beech wood, known for its solidity and durability, which HOKIMÖ treats with oils and safe glazes- no worrying about formaldehyde showing up here. They also make the crib/bed to order, so you can choose the dimensions that best fit your needs and space.

There is nothing breath-taking about this design, but that works in its favor. It is a simple, classic look that also works to reduce resource consumption and save space.

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