Wildcard Creative's Cardboard Bench.


As an accessory to their eco-friendly display systems Wildcard Creative have introduced this cool cardboard bench to their product range. Like their display units the bench is made from 99% recycled card, and is 100% recyclable. Dexter Hartley of Wildcard Creative tells us more about it: "The furniture has been developed to complement our cardboard display system and is aimed at the exhibition and events market. It has been designed as an individual stool, which can be arranged in various curved layouts to suit any environment. 16 benches will form a full circle 2.3metres in diameter. It is available in a range of 4 colours, (black, White, warm grey and warm red). We can also do bespoke colours if customers order more than 50 seats. We have had some very interesting reactions from people when they see the bench. They love the shape, but we always get asked "Can you really sit on it?" When we invite them to try, they always sit down very gingerly, but are very pleasantly surprised as it is actually very comfortable - everyone who has sat on it gets up with a smile on their face." :: Wildcard Creative