Wild stairs of the week from 3XN

le monde stair
© 3XN via Designboom

We do go on about the importance of stairs as a way of keeping people healthy; The recent Designed To Move report made it even clearer:

Stairs are more than a fire escape. They’re a great, healthy way to get from one floor to another, but many buildings don’t require them to be opened up for daily use. This could have a major health benefit. Studies show that consistent stair use can be linked to a 12-20 percent reduction in all-cause mortality, including cardiovascular disease.

Architect Kim Herforth Nielson of Danish firm 3XN certainly gets this. Designboom interviews him and notes that "one of the main features of 3XN’s work is staircases. it’s like a catwalk, a moment to meet and share knowledge; and during events it is a nice place to sit down on different levels. the utilization of stairs becomes more than just connecting two floors."

Nielson responded:

I think it’s important that it should be interesting in the way it looks. it should experience a lot of daylight, and it should allow you to see what is happening around the organization of the building when you walk up.

We rarely see this kind of exuberance in North American buildings, such dramatic stairs that just make you want to use them instead of the elevator. It's a shame.

Wild stairs of the week from 3XN
Here is an architect who knows how to get people on their feet.