Who Invented the Plasma Light?


A lot of neat things have come out of Bletchley Park over the years; the latest is the compact, high-efficiency, microwave powered, electrodeless lamp from Ceravison, covered in TreeHugger here last summer. Unfortunately, it may be exactly the same bulb that we showed here from the American company Luxim just a few days ago. According to Smart Planet, Ceravision says that Luxim stole technology secrets from a company Ceravision bought, after being engaged to do some engineering support and signing a non-disclosure.


Luxim is gloating over a recent victory, where the US patent court concluded that "Ceravision failed to prove priority of invention, leaving LUXIM's rights in its patent undisturbed."

But how much time, energy and money is wasted in patent battles like this? As George Bush might say, is the pie not high enough to share? ::ZD Net, ::Smart Planet

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