We Love Tiny Houses and Apartments, But 16 Square Feet Is Just Too Small.

The real estate business has its own spin on the english language; examples : "needs work" means "needs a bulldozer" and "quiet neighborhood" means "nobody wants to live there". In Hong Kong, student Joe Yiu of the Master of Fine Arts program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong uses real estate lingo to peddle the sixteen square foot closets that people actually live in there.

After a bit of extreme fluffing with candles and contemporary art, the tiny apartment has more stuff happening than Graham Hill's LifeEdited project. The "international class marble" (it is actually granite) on the windowsill is a particularly nice touch.

Yiu is quoted in CNN international:

I wanted to talk about the language and help the audience reflect on how estate agents and property developers dictate the style of an ideal living space. I'm concerned about the living environment in Hong Kong, particularly about what we consider to be an ideal home environment.

real estate agentYoutube/Video screen capture

The "agent" notes that the decorated unit is the sales suite, decorated for reference only, and then shows the actual cot-in-a-closet that is the real US$ 12.80 per night unit. CNN notes:

The rental rate translates to HK$65.60 per square meter per night, more expensive than Sorrento, one of Hong Kong’s most expensive residential complexes and pricier than a Harbor View Suite at the YMCA of Hong Kong, which comes with a private bathroom, minibar, daily housekeeping and buffet breakfast.

Hat tip to Grist.

We Love Tiny Houses and Apartments, But 16 Square Feet Is Just Too Small.
It is both a parody of the real estate business and a shocking exposé of Hong Kong Housing

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