Wal-Mart's Fluorescent Bulb Commitment On Track


In October, we filled you in on Wal-Mart’s push for compact fluorescent bulbs: The retail giant has the ambitious plan to slip them into at least 100 million homes, a plan now starting to look realistic. In today’s issue of The New York Times, we hear more about what this actually means. First, the green facts: A compact fluorescent, the article reports, uses 75 percent less electricity, lasts 10 times longer, produces 450 pounds fewer greenhouse gases from power plants and saves consumers $30 over the life of each bulb, despite a price tag eight times as expensive as a traditional bulb. The cons: A harsher light and a strange spiral design, losses for big name-manufacturers such as General Electric and Osram Sylvania, decrease in American manufacturing jobs (the bulbs are made in Asia), and risk of mercury pollution. (In terms of the latter, Wal-Mart is exploring recycling.) Is Wal-Mart destined to become the new Interface? Just over a year after the company declared it would go green, and the tide is changing. ::The New York Times

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