Wal-Mart Hits Goal Of Selling 100 Million Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Early


Last year, Wal-Mart announced an ambitious goal — they wanted to sell 100 million compact fluorescent light bulbs in one year. Wal-Mart's announcement generated a lot of discussion on TreeHugger. Now the company has announced that they've already achieved that goal. Wal-Mart estimates that these energy-saving bulbs will have the effect of taking 700,000 cars off the road, or conserving the energy needed to power 450,000 single-family homes. But, while I'm glad to see that sales of CFLs are brisk, Wal-Mart has not committed to recycling any of the bulbs they sell. By contrast, Ikea has a simple fluorescent bulb recycling program in place in all their stores.I hope that some of the mercury-containing bulbs that Wal-Mart sells will be disposed of properly.

If you do happen to have some fluorescent bulbs that need recycling you can use Earth 911 to find the nearest disposal site, or you can drop them in the disposal bins at Ikea.

:: Via CNNMoney and Practical Environmentalist