Hanging Plant Balcony Works Like a Drawbridge

We've covered a lot of ways apartment dwellers can bring some greenery into their homes, many of them remarkably clever. Here's one more that fits that description: "Volet Végétal," French for "plant shutter," is a folding balcony for a garden, built right into the window.

Volet végétal is the work of design firm Barreau & Charbonnet, a submission for the upcoming exterior design expo in Paris, Jardins Jardin. It's a pretty simple design. A wooden frame holds three planters that are set up to rotate, so that when the frame goes from vertical to horizontal, the plants remain upright. A pulley system raises and lowers the setup.

It's a lovely way to get your plants plenty of sunlight, and make sure your neighbors and people in the street below know just how great a gardener you are.

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Hanging Plant Balcony Works Like a Drawbridge
A window planter system lets apartment dwellers create their own hanging balcony for plants.

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