Vivétique Launches EcoDream Bed for Earth Day


How a 90 year company making organic bedding has managed to avoid the TH radar for so long is a mystery. But it did. Vivetique, although based in Los Angeles are using Earth Day and New York's to launch their new EcoDream mattress. It seems this will make them the first New York City retailer to carry an organic mattress. From the press release it looks like the EcoDream is made from two types of natural latex, wrapped in unbleached, un-dyed and certified organic cotton. All perched upon an "eco-friendly: wood foundation, though we're unsure what eco-friendly refers to exactly. We did ascertain however that they also offer comforters from what they call Sonoma County Pure Grow Wool. Which apparently means the wool is grown according to organic agricultural practices "no pesticides on the pasture, no chemicals in the animal feed, use a biodegradable soap for lanolin removal, allow the wash house to recycle the lanolin, and use a land management system for low impact on the environment." Oh, and the price of the EcoDream in a queen size? $5,000 USD. ::Vivétique, via PR Wire.

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