Versailles-Inspired Tyvek Chandeliers by Paula Arntzen

Images: Artecnica

Spun out of synthetic, high-density polyethylene fibers that give it its characteristic durability and lovable crinkly texture, Tyvek is a surprisingly polyvalent material, though it's typically thought of as house wrap. But there's a world of recycled Tyvek out there: it's also popped up as upcycled wallets, umbrellas and laptop sleeves -- and now, also as washable lighting fixtures designed by Paula Arntzen for Los Angeles-based design firm Artecnica.Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon are inspired by the crystal chandeliers of the French palace at Versailles. Simply but surprisingly, the Tyvek is transformed into airy creations that glow warmly through their uniformly slitted surfaces, all coming together in organic, bulbous forms.


"Everything about the art and architecture of the Versailles is made with the greatest intensity. That inspired me to start this collection of lamps," says Arntzen, who professes her "love for this elegant material" (who would have thought!). So, if you're not compelled to make your own Tyvek-inspired lighting right here and now, the lamps will be available through Artecnica's website end of October.

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