VC Paul Kedrosky on LEDs

Paul Kedrosky is a venture capitalist with a sense of humour and a blog that is updated almost as often as TreeHugger. Like TreeHugger, he sees a bright future for LED's and writes about them in Business 2.0. Exerpt: " What opportunities open up when you can create incredibly bright point sources of light? Don't just think about replacing lightbulbs. We can now consider the wholesale elimination of darkness. Funky new ideas are already beginning to appear: Kitchen countertops lit from below. LED-lit gear to make search-and-rescue workers more visible. Solar-powered curtains that light up at night. New lighting opportunities are emerging everywhere, most of them limited only by entrepreneurial creativity. It may have taken more than 100 years for it to happen, but the lighting industry is set for some long-overdue illumination. " ::Business 2.0