Using Twitter to Remote Control Your Home's Lights

Control Lights with Twitter from Justin Wickett on Vimeo.

Twitter is starting to develop as a platform for practical green living. You can stream green tips from Max Gladwell, monitor your energy consumption, heck – you can even follow TreeHugger!

And now, you can even turn your lights on or off from your Twitter stream! Read on for more about how to do this cool trick.All that is needed to get this to work is an Insteon switch that you wire to a computer with internet access. Then use your cell phone to text Twitter and tell it what light you want it to switch on or off. Easy peasy!

This could mean Twitter can be a way to cheaply rig your home for more efficient energy use with essentially a remote control.

If you have to leave your computer running in order to make this work, then it pretty much cuts out any savings on efficiency. But it certainly sparks some creative thinking! With smart metering and home automation just around the corner, we're sure more solutions similar to this will be available shortly.

Via Good Clean Tech

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