Update: Eco Design Studies (& Careers)

Remember our previous post on Eco Design Studies? Thanks to all the readers who commented on other courses they were aware of. We've found a few more too. How about a 'Master of Science in Industrial Ecology' at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. "Based on an understanding of the connection between nature, production systems and consumption, it develops strategies and tools to reduce emissions and resource use. Industrial Ecology is relevant to both industrialized and rapidly industrializing countries." All that and brilliant backcountry skiing to boot - hey, where do I apply. Oh, yeh, right here. Or take a peek at the multitude of other possibilities below....Slide those skis over the border into Sweden and you could be signing up to do a 'Masters Program in Sustainable Technology' "looking at industrial production of goods, consumer choices, legislation, and environmental restrictions" while at KTH (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan) or for us with rusty Swedish, the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm.

Should good cheap wine at the end of days cycle touring be more your thing then you could put your school French to good use by obtaining a 'Management Environnemental et Développement Durable (MEDD)' at the Université de Technologie de Troyes. English portal to the University here.

Or go back up north to the Netherlands (plenty of easy bike riding there) and find yourself a spot in the Man + Humanity Masters courses at the Design Academy Eindhoven. This 2-year postgraduate program is "a cross-cultural course in humanitarian and sustainable design. A strong aim of the program is to anticipate change and respond to the worlds need for a new generation of compassionate designers with global awareness, local engagement and personal integrity."

Bournemouth, in England, is not world renown as a beauty spot, but its University does have a 'MA/PGDip in Sustainable Product Design and Sustainable Design', which has to brighten things up. "The rapid introduction of European legislation surrounding sustainable product development has driven industry to embrace new ways of working. This brand new programme replaces the old MSc Sustainable Design that was introduced in 1996."

If there is no course where you live then maybe you can convince your University to bring in the mobile seminar: Educating the Educators: A Crash Course on Eco Design, which we are told is "intended to introduce faculty members to the history, theory and teaching methodologies of ecodesign, with the intent of bringing instructors up to speed in a rapidly expanding and essential area of study. The seminar is directed not just toward ecodesign specific courses, but toward the goal of encouraging inclusion of ecodesign throughout all curricula."

A similar endeavour can be found at Second Nature, who are "spear-heading the development of a bold new strategy to make sustainability the foundation of education for all design, engineering and planning professionals by the year 2015. This unprecedented strategy will be implemented through the formation of a large national coalition of professional, business, academic, governmental, student and non-profit organizations." Second Nature have a long list of links to mostly US educational Institutions offering environment courses, or at least greening their campuses.

Maybe you completed your course and now want the employment to pay off all that education. We'll, we've had a few posts on working for the environment, finding a green career and working at what you love but somehow forgot to make mention of the excellent Green Dream Jobs listings over at Sustainable Business, or the offerings at Green Biz Jobs for that matter. What an oversight. And don't forget that rubbing shoulders and telling jokes with people who already have those eco-jobs could land you one too. Locate you nearest Green Drinks and go hang out with some like minded souls.