Clever Rotating Bookcase Wall Is Made with Reclaimed Plywood

UnWaste Rotating Bookcase Wall© TM Photo

Not only can they maximize space in small living areas, full-wall bookcases can make quite a dramatic statement. But instead of keeping it static, a team of Australian designers came up with this nifty wall of rotating bookcases -- made with recycled plywood.

UnWaste Rotating Bookcase Wall© TM Photo

Spotted over at State of Green, the UnWaste bookcase is the collaborative tête-à-tête between architect Ben Milbourne, eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu and specialist furniture designer David Waterworth. Created for a split-level, open concept warehouse conversion in Melbourne's Central Business District, architect Ben Milbourne describes the project as a

...flexible solution to divide the open space into 2 rooms, while retaining the option of keeping the larger combined space when needed; an answer that would allow for light and airflow throughout the spaces but also a division between living and sleeping areas.

UnWaste Rotating Bookcase Wall© TM Photo

The 4.6 metre high by 3.8 metre wide (15 feet by 12.5 feet) rotating library and room-divider has a distinct "James Bond" quality to it, allowing the client to access books from either the living room or bedroom. The blank wall on the other side of the rotating shelves might be a good place to hang art as well.

Thirty sheets of plywood reclaimed from construction barriers were used for this project -- complete with existing postering, graffiti and paint -- and finished with natural beeswax. Recycled plywood was chosen over MDF, timber and melamine, due to their relatively more negative environmental impact.

UnWaste Rotating Bookcase Wall© TM Photo

Thanks to a multi-disciplinary approach, this team of designers found an innovative way to tackle visual clutter, while also efficiently dividing up a space and lowering environmental footprint -- ultimately a low-key but smart solution. More details over at Bild Architecture, Eco Innovators and Against the Grain.

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