Unscrew America: Fun with Compact Fluorescents


The case for compact fluorescents is so convincing and the tired old reasons not to use them so, well, tired and old, that it seems pointless to bother trying anymore, we are down to the "pry incandescents from my cold dead hands" gang.

But some do keep trying; the latest venture is Unscrew America, a tongue-in-cheek site prepareed by the producer of An Inconvenient Truth Lesley Chilcott and Austin's SG&M; Idea City.


It is less offensive than the FLICK OFF campaign, and contains a lot of good information, taking on all of the shiboleths and myths from mercury to flickering. It also has really annoying music as the default (turn off the sound) and anyone over 30 is going to go nuts over the navigation, so I really don't know who it is directed to. A lot of hard work though, at ::Unscrew America

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