Unfolding Art Studio Sleeps Family of Four

Unfolding art studio photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

My mother grew up with three brothers and her parents in a one bedroom apartment.

That's a fact I try to remind myself every time I think about what my family "needs" in term of space or material comfort. And yet cultural norms shape our perceptions of how much space we can comfortably live with, and I find myself in a fairly typical older American home of 2000 square feet.

But I am fascinated by the movement to maximize the use of small spaces in pursuit of economic and material freedom. From the dinner parties and guest bedrooms of Graham's LifeEdited apartment to a teenager's tiny, mortgage free home, it seems to me that there's tremendous opportunity in living with less. (Is it odd to be jealous of those who own less than you?)

Here's a neat little space in Barcelona created by Afghan-born woodworker and artist Omar Sherzad. True, this is his family's second home. But given that many family's have second homes, I think it's pretty cool that theirs is both teeny tiny and doubles as an art studio.

Once again, thanks to Kirsten Dirksen at Fair Companies for another great video.

Unfolding Art Studio Sleeps Family of Four
Omar Sherzad's single-room art studio doubles as a second home for his family of four. Who wouldn't want a night at the museum?

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