Unfolding Art Studio Sleeps Family of Four

Unfolding art studio photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

My mother grew up with three brothers and her parents in a one bedroom apartment.

That's a fact I try to remind myself every time I think about what my family "needs" in term of space or material comfort. And yet cultural norms shape our perceptions of how much space we can comfortably live with, and I find myself in a fairly typical older American home of 2000 square feet.

But I am fascinated by the movement to maximize the use of small spaces in pursuit of economic and material freedom. From the dinner parties and guest bedrooms of Graham's LifeEdited apartment to a teenager's tiny, mortgage free home, it seems to me that there's tremendous opportunity in living with less. (Is it odd to be jealous of those who own less than you?)

Here's a neat little space in Barcelona created by Afghan-born woodworker and artist Omar Sherzad. True, this is his family's second home. But given that many family's have second homes, I think it's pretty cool that theirs is both teeny tiny and doubles as an art studio.

Once again, thanks to Kirsten Dirksen at Fair Companies for another great video.

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