Turn Your Froot Loops Into Furniture With The Sustainable Slotted System

s3 shelving system photo

Sometimes you just need a little visual privacy in your space. TreeHugger been showing the Molo Softwall since, I think, my earliest posts on TreeHugger. At Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, students were asked "What does a Wall provide? Utility? View? Privacy? Connection? What passes through? What is obstructed? What is the relationship between the two sides? Does it change or is it absolute? How does it relate to the human body and the actions around it?

In response, they came up with S3 Sustainable Slotted System, that anyone can build out of cereal boxes.

s3 shelving system photo detail

Assistant Professor Deborah Schneiderman writes:

The S3 Sustainable Slotted System is devised to appeal to a broad population despite socioeconomic status, offering multiple material options and cost alternatives. For the Free DIY adaptive re-use version, the pattern can be downloaded from the website for the user to slot their own cereal boxes.

s3 shelving system photo website

For the proposed recycled chipboard version, the product would ship sustainably flat-packed and come in an assortment of sizes, with optional veneers, and wall orientations. Easily assembled and lightweight, the system is portable and adaptable. Two sized units that form the standardized pattern of each wall system define each wall typology. The patterns are inspired by or made from everyday products such as tissue or cereal boxes, and are sustainably made from recycled chipboard.

s3 shelving system photo template

It is a neat idea, a clever repurposing of boxes. They generously provide a series of templates so that you can make your own. I would worry about flammability however; keep this away from smokers. More at S3 Sustainable Slotted Systems

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