Trash Me Lamps Take on Grave-to-Grave Design

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Images by Victor Vetterlein

We've all heard of cradle-to-cradle design, which is design that mimics natural life cycles during which something is made of materials, runs its useful life cycle, and at the end of that useful life cycle, becomes material for something new. Trash Me lamps by Victor Vetterlein bring a new spin to that design concept, starting at the grave. Pulling trash out of the rubbish bin, Vetterlein creates a bright idea. trashy lamp image

Vetterlein states, "The intent of the Trash Me lamps project is to create a product that is born from the trash and returned to the trash after a short but useful life cycle. The concept word for the Trash Me lamps design is transient."

trashy lamp image

"Each Trash Me lamp is created from four paper egg cartons, blended with water, poured over a mold, and smoothed by hand to form a section. After drying for a few days, the sections are fastened together with aluminum screw posts. A cloth electrical cord with recyclable electrical fixture parts is used for the lighting. For the Trash Me desk lamp, a paper bag filled with bird seed provides added weight to stabilize the base."

trashy lamp image

"At the end of its life, the Trash Me lamp can be quickly dissembled and the parts reused or recycled back into the trash to be born again as something as new."

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