Transformer Furniture: The Nod Office by Stephen Johnson

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Allison Arieff shows the work of inventor/cartoonist Stephen Johnson, calling him "a sort of R. Crumb meets R. Buckminster Fuller." I found the Nod-Office particularly interesting.....
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photos by Lloyd Alter

...because I just saw a newer version last week, designed by interior design students at Ryerson University. It is the NAPitat, and it is made of corrugated cardboard.

The students write:

Prioritizing the ergonomics of working and napping, we created a workstation designed to perfectly fit the studio lifestyle of a design student. After various tests and measurements of sleep and work, we arrived at a prototype that takes into consideration the essential principles of design and form through structural stability and joinery. We selected cardboard as our building material as it epitomizes student life as the instinctive first material choice for 3D design conceptualization.

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After 21 days, 124 hours of work, 168 pieces of hand-cut cardboard and 92 cups of coffee, we created a personal unit that is simple, functional, customizable and compactible. This desk allows for modifications and alterations with fully replaceable pieces that can sustain a four year lifespan.

video of assembly of NAPitat



For more great stuff about Steven Johnson, (like this solar cooker that would make Stephen and Rebekah Hren jealous) see Allison Arieff's article Searching for Value in Ludicrous Ideas

Transformer Furniture: The Nod Office by Stephen Johnson
...because I just saw a newer version last

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