Transformer Furniture: From Table to Table Tennis


photos by Douglas Ljungkvist

Why do we show so much transformer furniture? Ryan Vanderbilt puts it succinctly:

"We no longer work solely in the office, play in the game room, or eat in the dining room. Work, live and play have morphed together. There is a need for furniture to continue being beautiful, but to have multiple functions, and better serve the behaviors of todays world."

So they can be sitting there and think "this meeting is boring."


Put all their stuff away,


And have a rousing game.

Table&Tennis; was an idea to merge beautiful design, with a conference / dining table and build it to the official specs of a ping pong table. It's built so that it can transition simply and instantly between the different uses.

Built by Hong Kong Procurements. More information on Tumblr, found on Dvice.

transformer furniture pool table

For those who prefer a more dignified game, Collin showed us the Fusion Dining/Pool Table Combo

ping pong door

and unlike the ping pong door, it is at least the official size.

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