Transformer Furniture: Crib Morphs into Daybed

If there was ever a piece of furniture that was suitable for tranforming into something else, it is the crib. We call them transformers, but the New York Times tells us that they are "Also known as harlequin, metamorphic and meubles à surprises." They remind us that it evolved from campaign furniture and that "Some homeowners in the 18th and 19th centuries even rejoiced in presto-chango oddities like a sofa that folded out of the front of an artificial player piano."

This Studio crib is designed by TRUCK Product Architecture for Nurseryworks. The changing pad at the end turns into a desk; the crib evolves into a toddler bed and then a day bed. Add a few cushions and it can act as a sofa. ::Nurseryworks via ::New York Times