Transformer Clothing: The Sleeping Coat Becomes Your Bedroom

sleeping coat transformer jacket

Ever since Micheal Webb's 1968 Suitaloon, (shown below fold) I have been fascinated by designs that let you carry your home on your back, or even integrate it into your clothing. Here is another: Lin Tsui-Wei won a Red Dot Award from Germany's Red Dot Institute for her Sleeping Coat.

It looks like a normal jacket, but functions as both a windbreaker and a sleeping bag.

suitaloon image

Suitaloon, Michael Webb, 1968

Designer Lin notes:

It's refreshing to get away from work and the hustle and bustle of life in the city, but spending time in nature can be a challenge - carrying luggage and outdoor equipment, and being prepared for unpredictable weather can cause inconveniences.

It is also flexible; the lower half can be detached and used as a mattress. It also has multiple pockets to store personal items. I like the way that it is inflatable; your coat becomes your mattress.

More at Red Dot; via DVice, which calls it One Modular Jacket To Rule Them All.
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