Transformer chair turns into safety helmet

Marmoris Chair
© Marmoris Chair via Designboom

Any soldier or construction worker will tell you that helmets can save lives and prevent serious injuries. (we won't mention bike helmets here). Designboom shows this interesting transformer chair that turns into a safety helmet. Designed by Japan's Poplife and Znug Design, Designboom writes:

The mamoris chair is a two-part furniture piece with a head-shaped volume underneath, that when unattached, transforms into a head and neck protector. Built out of impact resistant material, the inconspicuous safety chair seamlessly blends into an office or home space, providing protection from falling debris during an emergency. Like with helmets, the furniture piece could ultimately save one’s life, preventing brain trauma when least unexpected.

I think it looks disturbingly like one of those portable commode toilets you see in hospitals. But it is clever, and more portable than the door that protects you in earthquakes or the desk that turns into a bomb shelter. More images and a video at Designboom.

Transformer chair turns into safety helmet
We love furniture that serves multiple functions but this one is a bit odd.

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