Tramando's Fabric Scraps Designs


Martin Churba is a well known and very popular Argentinean designer, so we were very pleased to find that in his latest project, Tramando (a hard to translate word that means both knitting and "planning-something") he has a whole line of home products made from knitted fabrics scraps. "Tramando recreates the world of objects, intertwining and weaving recycled remnants of the textile industry -Churba says in his website-. The warmth of woven fabrics turns your home into an embracing emotional landscape. Tramando beckons touching, and establishes close-knit bonds with users". The "Objects" line includes the blanket, cushions, puff and flower pot in the picture above this article; and also book covers, carpets, lamps and some pieces of clothing accessories like bags and slippers. The products are a little expensive, but worth at least a peak for a nice present. Tramando sells in Buenos Aires (Rodríguez Peña 1973, Recoleta), New York (32-36 Little West 12th street), and Tokyo (1F 2-22-6 Higashi Ueno, Taito-Ku). More at their website. ::Tramando