Tough Nut to Crack: But Macadamia Yields To Husque


That lil’ ole macadamia nut is versatile chap. Maybe he has heard of all the things that bamboo has been up to, and wants a piece of the action. We’ve discovered that he can make it as cooking oil, suncream, shampoo, body polish, and even as a renewable energy. So I guess it should come as no surprise that he still has a few tricks up his husk. Which bring us to Husque. Designer Marc Harrison and architect Paul Fairweather established the company back in 2003 to tease a few more secrets from the macadamia nut, which grows natively only along a 600 km (370 mile) band of the Australian east coast. They grind up the shell of the nut, mix it with a unspecified polymer, polished the inner surfaces with a polyester, and give their products a final sheen with a rub of macadamia oil. The nut is said to make up 80% of the finished vessel. Not recommended for getting up close and personal with hot food/liquids or dishwashers, but nevertheless very funky. ::Husque, via Haute*Nature.

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