Tools for Self Reliance

Sometimes you can't find a way to improve on another's words. TSFR being a case in point. We therefore quote: "Have you ever wanted to bang a nail and didn't have a hammer? What did you do? Maybe you looked in the garden shed or popped down to the DIY [hardware store]. If you live in the countryside in Africa, you might have to think of something else. There's nothing in the garden shed except a bush knife and a hoe. The market might be a day's walk away and a hammer costs two weeks wages. Tools for Self Reliance is doing something about this. Today, hundreds of TFSR volunteers in Britain collect, refurbish, and ship tools and sewing machines to six countries in Africa. Each kit contains the tools needed to do a job - carpentry, blacksmithing, building, or sewing. We work with honest, effective local organisations with roots in some of the poorest communities in Africa." Although based in the United Kingdom, TFSR works through local partner organisations in Ghana, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. They have strong relationships with sister organisations, in other Western countries, like Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Japan, for whom they have links on their site. So if you have quality tools you no longer need or a treadle sewing machine or the spare funds to help ship them, pitch in and lend a hand. ::Tools for Self Reliance [by WM]