Tom Dixon to give away 1,000 CFL Lights


Designer Tom Dixon did a green number in Trafalgar Square at last year's London Design Festival; this year he is taking over the square with a large scale installation of 500 energy saving lights. From the press release:

"In collaboration with the Energy Saving Trust and working with Glowb low energy light bulbs, the 500 lights will be skilfully displayed in a chandelier cluster hung from state of the art scaffolding.nspired by the shape of a light bulb, Tom has specifically designed ‘Blow’ a white opaque light, that uses a low-energy compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL). With plans afoot to ban the sale of traditional incandescent bulbs in the EU, the ‘Blow’ pendant light will bring further awareness to using CFL’s and sustainability within design....The Blow lights will be powered by a renewable energy source and lit for 3 hours per day from 7pm – 10pm Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday 19th from 5pm – 10pm. On Wednesday at 5pm 1000 lights will be given away to Londoners on a first come first served basis."

Nice idea, giving away a designer fixture and not just a bulb. After all, design makes all the difference. ::Dezeen

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