Tobias Stucco interior wall finish

If you're a serious treehugger addict you probably already know a little about lime and its importance in the long history of human architecture. Recent years have seen not only builders but also artists go at it again and experiment all sort of things. Lime is indeed such a versatile product that it can be processed as mortar to assemble stones, bricks, or be mixed with various components to create beautiful and durable paints. Santa Rosa based Tobias Stucco, created by artist Randolph Johnson, uses lime associated with sand and natural pigments to create patina style wall covering.Tobias Stucco's website is one the best we've encoutered on this kind of product. It features everything you need to know about the product, including visual instructions and a step by step installation procedure video, or the "indispensable" MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet, upon request) that partly reveals the composition of the product : sand (Crystalline silica), lime (Calcium carbonate) plus pigments and other little particules that add the perfect pitch to a carefully designed texture. The Flash color palette will give you an idea of what kind of finish can be obtained from the product, priced at $32.00 per gallon. [Erwan Pianezza, Locronan, Brittany]

:: Tobias Stucco (TM)