Tiny Apartment Hides Bathtub in a Drawer

bathtub in drawers photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From Graham Hill's amazing LifeEdited apartment to a tiny house designed for inner peace, there are plenty of ways to live with less.

Transformer Furniture Offers Many Options
Often these living spaces involve some creative systems for transformable furniture—take this incredible transformer apartment, for example.

One of the classic examples of space saving transformer furniture is, of course, the folding Murphy bed.

No "Right" Answer for Living With Less
But there are no universal solutions. As with any good design, it's vital to first understand how a space will be used, and how the tastes, needs and habits of each individual occupier will influence the end result.

So when architect Valentina Maini bought her 25 square meter home (269 square feet), she was not interested in folding beds or lofted sleeping quarters. She wanted a more conventional look, and she also was aware that even if it folded away, she'd probably leave the bed open most of the time.

closet under bed photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

A Change of Perspective Creates Perception of Space
So she made some smart design decisions. She raised the bed up higher, and masked it with a pull-out-closet. not only does this mean she's not staring at the bed when in the living space, but when she sits or lays up on the bed, she gets to enjoy a changed perspective and a view out of the large windows to her terrace. (It's important to change perspective, she says.)

A Slide-Away Spa
Perhaps the coolest piece of the apartment, though, is a gliding dining table over a pull-out bathtub. Sure, the place already had a tiny shower and a toilet, but Maini likes relaxing in a bath.

If you want to live in a tiny apartment, there's no way you can have it all. But you can prioritize the things that bring you the most pleasure—and save a ton of money in the process.

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Tiny Apartment Hides Bathtub in a Drawer
This architect's 258 square foot home uses some clever tricks, and a careful understanding of the owner's needs, to enable living large in a small space.

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