Tiny apartment in Florence is a modern take on classic 70s Italian design

Silvia Allori opening table
© Simone Bossi

Architect Silvia Allori found a tiny apartment in Florence in a building from the 70s and has designed this lovely interior that feels timeless, part of that period of clean modern Italian design right down to the TV set and the Sottsass vases.

Silvia Allori living area © Simone Bossi

The living area (exclusive of kitchen and bath) is 255 square feet, 16.5’ x 17.5’ and is lined with modular furniture that acts as beds, sitting areas, working and reading areas and storage. It’s an interesting design choice, to take up so much of the floor area with these units, a 3’-8” deep strip around the edge of the room. Yet it provides all kinds of functional uses without visually taking up much space.

sitting on unit© Simone Bossi

According to Designboom,

The home is almost entirely white, rigidity being broken (with the exception of home décor) in only two ways: perforated wall inserts for lights, and ceiling-bound rectangular beams that run the length of the apartment. A small kitchen is separated from the rest of the home with a repurposed isothermal emergency blanket.

Allori apartment with table down© Simone Bossi

It's like a tiny time warp of classic Italian design. More images at her website and Elle Decor.

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