Time to Spruce Up the Apartment


With so many designers turning out good-looking--and environmentally-friendly--furniture and ceramics, it's time to stop procrastinating and start thinking decor. There are so many interesting pieces of furniture, built from certified woods and recycled materials, whose purchase benefits others. "Annie the Trolley Chair" was saved from the ditch. It is made from reclaimed shopping carts and upholstered to co-ordinate with your colour scheme in vintage or regular fabric of choice. Rugs made by a weaver's co-op in India are 100% cotton, hand woven, using natural dyes in vibrant and colourful designs. They are so reasonably priced that you can use one for the living room and another for the bedroom. For the decorator's touch: stoneware and ceramic pots. The black and white pot comes from Peru; it is polished and coloured with smoked mango leaves. It has been made in the deserts of Peru since the 1970's by local artisans. For the contemporary look, this white and orange stoneware vase is hand-finished and painted with non-toxic paints. Buy some flowers and put them in vases created from recycled bottles, re-formed by Guatemalan local artisans who create beautiful works of art. Now invite your friends over for a look. Via :: newconsumer