Time-Shifting Sunshine: A Solar Powered Floor Lamp


A few years ago we showed Tobias Wong's Sun Jar, that collected and stored sunshine so that you can use it at night. As we noted then, "there are a thousand dumb and ugly things that do this; what a difference the designer's touch makes."

One could say the same thing about this lamp designed by od-do architekti of, I think, Serbia; It is an elegant LED floor lamp by night;


By day, you tilt it towards the sun and the photocells on the top charge the battery in the base. The designers write :

DAY_NIGHT lamp materialize [sic] the possibility of using endless solar energy and forming an independent source of light. Minimalist design of the lamp, reduced to a symbol or a sign, emphasize its basic function.

I wondered at first if this was problematic, that people would forget to tilt the lamp down for charging, but that wouldn't be a problem if the switch was integrated into the lamp- turn it on by tilting it up.

Found on Ecofriend.

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