Tide Coldwater Detergent

For those of us who wash clothes in cold water to save energy, to save on electricity bills, or because our labels tell us to, Tide has formulated a coldwater laundry detergent that they claim washes clothes better than other detergents do in hot water. It seems their market research has told them that people want to save money by doing laundry in cold water, so they have responded and are marketing it as a money saver. Not to mention that clothes typically last longer washed cold. Surely not readily biodegradable or petrochemical free like the recently reported on "At Home" line, Tide Coldwater may carry more mass appeal than more gourmet brands. It comes in powder (which contains a bleach ingredient), and liquid (which does not).
In a related thought, has anyone ever seen a laundromat washing machine that charges different amounts for cold and hot washes? :: Tide Coldwater