There's nothing new about transformer furniture; even Charlie Chaplin made fun of it

Screen capture Resource Furniture

Besides practicality, there is something amusing about transformer furniture, those designs that serve multiple functions or disappear when not needed; starving artist Gene Kelly danced with it in an American in Paris, and apparently, Charlie Chaplin got folded into a closet by a hideaway bed in an earlier movie. Resource Furniture created this little video, Tomorrow, Reinvented Today, that intersperses their own line of furniture with the great old stuff from movies and news coverage. It's fun; some of these should be reissued.

There are some perennial favourites, like the dining table that drops from the ceiling;

dining tableResource Furniture/Screen capture

I am not so sure about the practicality or safety of having all the candles lit while it was up there.

bookcaseResource Furniture/Screen capture

This one is absolutely brilliant and should be put into production immediately. Imagine, you have your dishes on the shelf, then you simply pull the unit away from the wall and the clever parallelogram frame turns the shelving into a dining room table. You actually can set the table when you put your dishes away, an entire step in the process saved. This is a true time and space saver, I want it now.

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