There's Still Light After Death: Castor Canadensis's Recycled Tube Light


Well here’s a witty use of dead fluorescents. While we like energy efficiency of fluorescent tubes we’re not so keen on their overly functional aesthetic and harsh illumination, not to mention the irritating flickering just before they die on us. They are not so easy to dispose of either, so we love Castor Canadensis’s idea of light after death. Bunch a load of dead useless tubes together to make a big tube, et voila you have a functional funky light! Castor Canadensis use incandescent bulbs inside, but we recommend some energy saving compact fluorescents. The Recycle Tube lights come in 2, 4 and 8 foot lengths. Castor Canadensis - they of the mobile Sauna Box – are a Canadian collective based in Toronto. Check out their new website to see their eclectic range of projects. ::Castor Canadensis via: MocoLoco