There Are No Eco Sofas For Under $5000

If somebody can prove the title of this post wrong, please do, I would be immensely pleased. I've noticed that there are no sustainably built sofas for under $5000. I'm talking about a sofa made with sustainable wood, non-toxic glues, no PBDEs (fire-retardant chemical), and if possible, organic fabrics. There's the Organic Sofa by Bean products, which is finely crafted with hemp and natural latex, but it rings up at $5200. The Kobe Sofa Futon Bed comes close, and is priced at $425, but it is more futon than sofa. This rattan sofa is actually pretty good but quite small. Some of the sofas from Ikea come fairly close. They are made of renewable wood sources and no PBDEs (Ikea phased these out completely). They do, however, make use of polyurethane foam and polyester fibers for the cushions and filling, and conventionally grown cotton for the covers.

Also, given that the sofas contain particleboard, toxic glues are probably present there. I'm sure Ikea could produce an eco version of their sofas and only need to add a couple of hundred dollars to the price. It would be great to find a company that produces an eco sofa for under $2000.