The Robin Children's Furniture Collection from Oeuf

Oeuf Robin Crib photo

Image via Oeuf

The husband/wife design duo responsible for Oeuf (pronounced "like the uff in stuff") has excitedly announced a new collection of baby furniture. The Robin Collection is European-made with sustainable wood and is treated with water-based paints. We're told that the French-American, New York-based designer pair struggled and strived to keep the price of the Robin collection down while preserving quality and adaptability. Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan "went back to the drawing board, rethinking every component to minimize cost without sacrificing functionality, safety, and style." The crib and dresser cost in the mid to high $500 range, and $145 buys a conversion kit that turns the crib into a toddler bed (not unlike products from Muu).When we noted the work of Oeuf last year we were impressed with the stylish collection of clothes, toys, and furniture that are elegant while maintaining a feeling of warmth (some modern eco products for kids come off rather frigid). We were also impressed with Oeuf's attention to adaptability: designing items that change as your child does. The crib-to-toddler-bed conversion is an excellent example, and is an option in the Robin line as well as in the Classic and Sparrow (though not as economically).

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