The Road Less Traveled: Santa Ana California


I'm thankful that local green stores are opening up across the globe. One I'm excited about is 'The Road Less Traveled' in Santa Ana California. One day, Delilah saw a 'for lease' sign on the window of a little store front. It was serendipity as she had been considering how great it would be to have a local store that featured all of the green products she knew were out there. She took the lease, and started her new business.The road less traveled is off to a good start. She has regulars, and new customers arrive every day from in and around Orange County.

"The most satisfying thing has been when people walk in and just say
'thank you for doing this'. People, especially in Orange County, have wanted something like this store for a long time."

In fact the growth of the business has been so quick she is already looking to expand early next year. The rapid growth and interest is probably due to the well researched and outstanding customer service Delilah offers.

"I let everyone know that if I don't have it, I can get it."

Her most popular items right now are bamboo sporks, bio-compostables, and Random Nicole tanks and onesies made from organic cotton and recycled appliqué (all one-of-a-kind!). So if you find yourself in Santa Ana, feel free to stop by and say hello. ::The Road Less Traveled

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