The Mix LED Desk Lamp from Luceplan


The Mix Lamp from Luceplan is another stylish integration of LED lighting for the work space. This elegant lamp would be right at home next to your titanium Mac, and delivers "an intense warm and pleasing light." The Mix has a 50,000 hour life, and its LED Chip on Board technology only drinks up 5 watts of power. The color of light can also be changed with an integrated filter. When turned off, the profile of the lamp head is accented with a blue glow. TreeHugger has also fawned over Leceplan's daylight-piping Zeno fixture and their Solar Buds. The Mix comes in at $472, so doesn't quite hit the sustainable price point on the head, but certainly is an eye-pleasing piece of work. For more pocketbook compatible desk LEDs, investigate the Z-Bar ($149), and what Sylvania has to offer. Luceplan via Unica Home

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