The LED Era is Upon Us: Philips Luxeon Rebel


Philips has just introduced a teensy little LED that could have a big impact. At just 3mm by 4.5mm, it delivers 80 lumens per watt, which makes it just about the most efficient light source around. The small size reduces the manufacturing costs, the size of the circuit board and can fit in fixtures that are 50% slimmer. It is also rated for 50,000 hours.

It is also colour balanced in warm, neutral or cool white so it will look good in the home. "LUXEON Rebel will cause a rapid change in solid-state lighting design," said David Eastley, Product Manager. "LUXEON Rebel takes advantage of our latest chip, phosphor and packaging technologies to accelerate the use of LEDs in a wide range of lighting applications, particularly residential and other 'white lighting' applications for which LED options have been limited." Available now from ::Philips via ::Ubergizmo

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