The Green Office: Sustainable Everything for Work


You've got your Think chair. You've got your Autopilot workstation. You're ready to work, and work green, but you're missing toner for your printer, a calculator and batteries to power it, and sticky notes. Thankfully, there's The Green Office, an online retailer of recycled, environmentally friendly, and sustainable business products, school supplies, and paper. In addition to just about anything you could possibly need for an office of just about any size (yep, carpet shampooers and cups and mugs for the breakroom included), The Green Office also offers an office footprint calculator, sustainability calculator and a database of recyclers, as well as more than you probably want to know about the issues, products & materials, services and solutions surrounding having a green office. They have some pretty good sustainability characteristics themselves as proud owners of the Co-op America Business Seal of Approval; they're also Bay Area Green Business Program Certified and offset the greenhouse gases that are produced by their business. They can definitely help your office go green, from the fax/printer/copier to the ink it prints to the paper it uses to the table it sits get the idea. ::The Green Office via tipster Mitra