The First Thing About Grind Is You Don't Talk About Grind


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TreeHugger has discussed the concept of co-working many times, noting that "for some, the home environment just isn't conducive to productivity or they just need a bit of time away and the wifi coffee shop doesn't cut it." Most people involved in co-working will talk about how it is more than just a desk by the hour: "co-working as a whole is generally defined by four major values: collaboration, openness, community and sustainability."

New York's Grind is different; it is to co-working what Kopi luwak coffee made in a Clover is to Dunkin' Donuts: More expensive, more exclusive and more black.


They never actually use the word co-working, but describe themselves as

A members-only workspace and community dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of working the old way and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine.

The major distinguishing feature from conventional co-working is that it is more like a club:

Every Grindist was recommended by another Grindist, so you're surrounded by people who share your worldview.

Now I am not certain that it is good for business or life to only surround oneself with people who share each other's world view; look where that has led in American politics.

But I do like their design, and their "superior sustainability."

From the Tru-stile doors made out of 82% post-industrial waste to the faucets that use 30% less water, Grind is green.


Even the price, at $35 per day or $500 per month, is reasonable for this kind of thing, especially in New York on Park Avenue.

Grindists are some of the most awesomely talented and interesting people in the world.

Just about the only thing I don't like is their incredible smugness and pretention. I wonder if this is their dress code.

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