The EcoSmart Fire

Sugarcane, potatoes, bananas, beetroot and even wheat, we are told all produce sugars, which can be fermented to produce alcohol. Just like good 'ole moonshine, in fact. "Denature" this (reduce its 100% alcohol status) and you can call it Ethanol, Methylated Spirits or Acool à Bruler, etc, depending on your country. But rather than just call it names, you can harness this renewable fuel to heat a house. The EcoSmart Fire is a burner, which doesn't require a ventilation flue. Though a fresh air source is recommended. The fuel doesn't spit or spark, nor generate soot, smoke or harmful gases. The fires come in various configurations, available initially in Australia and New Zealand, with imminent distribution in the US and Canada. (The concept has been safely used by Swedish Trangia camping stoves for 50 years.) ::EcoSmart Fire