The Climate Neutral Network

Maybe a ‘green’ product is crafted from organic, biodegradable materials or possibly from recycled and recyclable components but what about the energy used in production and distribution? If your company is pondering this conundrum, Climate Neutral Network says come talk to us. They are developing a program so companies can offset the global warming gases creating in the creation of goods and services. Such offerings that are "determined to have little or no effect on the Earth's climate" are certified as ‘Climate Cool’. With companies of the magnitude of BP Amoco, Dow and Dupont holding certifications, you might imagine some ‘greenwashing’ was at play. But it looks like the Network is trying to be as open to scrutiny as possible. They have enlisted suppoprt from luminaries like The Nature Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Institute, World Wildlife Fund and the World Resources Institute to keep an eye on the process. Strategies for offsetting are various, from installing solar panels through to planting trees. However external offsets as not considered useful, until members of the Network have already achieved "outstanding performance" in reducing their own global-warming emissions on-site. An independent third part certification organication seems to be on the cards too. Worth a peek. ::Climate Neutral Network