The Beauty of CFLs: Jason Bruges at 100% Light


100% Light is a UK trade show "dedicated to showing the vary latest and best in contemporary, decorative and architectural Lighting." Greenpeace UK has commissioned designer Jason Bruges to design an installation as part of its campaign to "champion efficient lighting and replace incandescent light bulbs. It will showcase a groundbreaking Varilight CFL bulb which can be used with household dimmer switches, busting many of the current negative myths often used as an excuse for not using this efficient technology."

From the press release:

The Jason Bruges Studio will create an interactive, animated garden of raised flowerbeds made up of hundreds of elevated CFL bulbs. The installation will glow with gently undulating light that will ripple across its surface and respond dynamically to passers-by as they approach the flowerbed.

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest and safest way to achieve significant reductions in emissions of climate changing carbon dioxide. The energy efficient bulb uses only a fifth of the energy, saves users up to £9 per bulb per year and can last up to 12 times longer than its incandescent ancestor.

Louise Molloy, Greenpeace climate campaigner said, "Greenpeace gives the energy efficient light bulb the green stamp of approval. The Jason Bruges Studio shows they can be successfully used within a contemporary design installation leaving no reason for them not to be embraced by designers, architects, builders and the public". :Dezeen

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