The Acoustic Alarm Plucks A Tune To Wake You Up

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Images credit Jamie McMahon

Alarm clocks and clock radios are not a pleasant way to start your day. But product designer Jamie McMahon has reinvented it, with a softer, natural tone generated by a rotational pick that plucks guitar strings to wake you up.

Interestingly, it doesn't show the time; Jamie tells Gizmag that this was done " to keep users from getting tense by lying in bed and staring at the numbers." I would be more tense, wondering when it was going to go off.

The designer writes:

Human emotions are influenced by many factors, and one of these factors which annoys people the most is the sound of their morning alarm. The Acoustic Alarm scraps the annoying morning alarm, and replaces it with a relaxing acoustic tune, which has been designed for the user to customize the tone of their alarm by adjusting the tuning pegs.

acoustic alarm clock photo

It is a lovely thing, crafted from birch plywood, walnut and stainless steel. More at Jamie McMahon Design.
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